Oliver Boydell
Oliver Boydell

Oliver Boydell
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“Oliver has assembled some of the world’s best chess games into a superbly integrated volume. Young or old, new to the game or experienced, readers will find Oliver Boydell’s first book to be a touchstone for challenge and inspiration.”
NM Bruce Pandolfini

“Most 10-year-olds can’t name any classic games from last century. But 10 year-old Oliver goes back several centuries in curating a book of instructive games. There are big moments, thematic lessons, and Socratic questioning. Above all, you’ll feel the joy of a young chess player’s passion in the analysis. How could you not be inspired?”
FM Mike Klein “FunMasterMike”

“I am so impressed that I’m at a loss for words. Young Oliver has taken the classics and put his personal spin on them for chess lovers everywhere to understand. This gifted young writer and chess player has a bright future!”
GM Maurice Ashley

“Oliver Boydell has made a wonderful selection of classic and modern games and walks us through them with clear explanations, thoughtful questions for the reader, and instructive takeaways from each game. I really enjoyed the personal touches, like how Oliver shares his favorite move from each game. Most chess books are written by adults, but it’s refreshing to see these games and the lessons they offer through the eyes of a young up-and-coming player.”

He’s Got Moves is a great collection of famous games ranging from Anderssen-Kieseritzky, London 1851, to Carlsen-Giri, Chessable Masters Final 2020. Each of these encounters features instructive annotations on almost every move in a style that brings to mind Irving Chernev’s classic Logical Chess Move by Move. This is a book to study and enjoy. Did I mention the author is only 10 years old!”

He’s Got Moves is a great collection of famous games with deep original analysis. A nice touch is ‘Lessons Learned’ and ‘My Favorite Move,’ which are very instructional additions at the end of each game. Oliver Boydell has written a brilliant book for chess players of all ages and levels.”
GM John Fedorowicz

“It was a delight to relive the 25 historical chess gems that young author Oliver Boydell arduously selected for his debut work. Oliver’s enthusiasm jumps off the page and will be inspiring for readers.”
FM Alisa Melekhina